National Day of KINdness “Own the Day” Strategy

In anticipation of National Day of KINdness, and to increase our online social media presence all year around, Kin Canada has released a strategy for clubs to follow online.  This will ensure that the Kin-related posts you make on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are seen by as many people as possible, which helps us share our stories among our membership and to the public at large.

This strategy focuses on the use of hashtags (#hashtag) and handles (@handle).  All posts that contain a certain hashtag, (#kincanada for example) are grouped together, so by doing a search of “#kincanada”, every post from coast to coast that includes that hashtag will be displayed.  By adding that hashtag to your post, now everybody in the association is able to share in your story!.

Handles, on the other hand, are used to “tag” users or groups in your posts.  By tagging a person or group, they are notified of your post, and a link is created on your post to whatever user of group you tagged.  This is a great tool for raising awareness of your group’s Facebook page for example, if you’re hoping to attract new viewers to your page.

When you make a post on social media, be sure to include one or more of Kin Canada’s hashtags – #kincanada, #proudtobekin, #givebackhavefun.

If you are participating in National Day of Kindness, you can also include the hashtags #KINdness and #passiton to help raise awareness of this national movement.

Finally, you can tag your own club’s Facebook page by adding the @ sign before your club’s official title, which will hopefully attract some new viewers to your pages!

Check out the document below for the official strategy released by Kin Canada, which includes some more explanation and examples.

NDK Own the Day Strategy

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