Carman Kinettes award $100 in first ever Carman Cash Bucks giveaway

Myla Heinrichs was the lucky winner of the Carman Kinettes Carman Cash Bucks giveaway this week.

To enter, participants had to like and follow the Carman Kinettes Facebook or Instagram page, tag 3 friends, and share the contest post.  For every 3 friends they tagged, their name was entered into the draw.  Carman Cash Bucks can be redeemed for merchandise at participating local businesses.

This is a great example of using social media and viral marketing to gain exposure.  The original post was shared 80 times and over 200 people were tagged, meaning well over 200 people had the Carman Kinettes show up in their news feed this week.

By having people liking, sharing, and tagging friends in posts, the Carman Kinettes page gets more exposure, meaning they can reach more people in their community.  This is a valuable way to get our message out to a wider range of people, for when it comes time to show off your club’s accomplishments or to sell tickets for raffles and socials!

Congratulations to Myla and to the Carman Kinettes for a successful project.

Myla Heinrichs receiving her prize of $100 Carman cash bucks


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