Year One an Overwhelming Success

On November 19, 2016, a convoy of Kin headed North.  Governor John DeBeer, Past Governor Amanda Naughton-Gale, Deputy Governor Hollee Babcock and host of members from Boissevain, Brandon, Flin Flon, The Pas and Thompson were going to Leaf Rapids, MB. It was an exciting trip as they were about to welcome the newest club to Kin Canada, the fact it was further north than any existing club was just a bonus.

On that day, 29 community members from the Leaf Rapids formally become members of the first-choice service organization in Canada.  Since that day, the club has been leaders in their community and without a doubt served their community’s greatest needs.

“The North of 56 Kin Club has done amazing things in their community.” States Kin Canada District 2 Governor Dave Roberts “They hit the ground running a year ago and haven’t slowed down.”

The club has put the community first and taken on some amazing projects that were badly needed in town.  It started with the announcement on December 6, 2016 that the town of Leaf Rapids was entering an agreement with the club to allow them full-time use of the former Legion Hall for meetings and hosting events.  The club has used that location to anchor their events as they have been a force in creating A Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, a skating party with Santa, an Easter egg hunt, Mother’s Day Brunch, Canada Day parade and fireworks.

In Addition to all these great events they undertook the monumental task of bringing back the community’s winter Festival in March.   This festival lasted 3 days and included a plethora of competitions and events that brought the community together.

The club also saw programs that needed support and jumped right in to provide as much as they could.  They have taken on fundraising for the school breakfast program ensuring every kid has a healthy meal upon arrival at school.  They have also helped raise money to send local athletes to the Winnipeg marathon.

All these activities take money and the club has been nothing short of inspirational in the effort they have put into creating fundraising efforts.  Grand in your hand raffles, 50/50’s, Bake Sales and bottle drives have all been undertaken.  The club has also used their new building to host several organizations such as local firefighters, the graduating class, and local meetings and the catering and bartending has been very well received.

“99% of our funds are raised locally,” states club President, Paule Gannon, “the people of Leaf Rapids have embraced he club whole heartily,  coming out to buy tickets and helping with our events and supporting us unconditionally.”

One of the exciting and unique ventures of the North of 56 Kin, is that many of the members are husband and wife teams and as such the club works together to provide a babysitting service for members children while the meetings are underway and this works twofold in ensuring that all members can attend meetings and that a great number of children in Leaf Rapids will grow up seeing and learning about Kin Canada firsthand and provide a strong foundation for the association in northern Manitoba.

The club has also been very active in Kin Canada and District 2 from their very first day.  They attended and interclub meeting with the Thompson Kin Club shortly after being chartered, attended zone meeting in Thompson, sent a delegation to District Convention in The Pas and even had new Deputy Governor Kevin Carlson cast their ballot for National Board of Directors and National Vice-President in Halifax.

With the new Kin year starting, they have elected a new executive and even had a new member school live streamed from The Pas Kinsmen.

Gannon wanted to add that “our membership truly represent the families of our community, we joined Kin Canada as families and strive hard to ensure what we do in Leaf Rapids benefits the children and families of our hometown.”

In 2016/17, the 44 clubs that make up District 2 (Manitoba and NW Ontario) raised a combined $1,027,143 and volunteered 30,293 hours for their communities. All the clubs in District 2 strive to serve their community’s greatest needs.

Members selling Pizza at Town Centre

Member Dayna Moose making pizza


DG Kevin swearing in 2017/18 Exec             President Paul supervising the catering

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