Kin essential in professional development and community!!

Last week, two Kin members were presented with RBC Regional President’s award for Community Leadership.  Kelly Sobering of the Dryden Kinettes and Brent Hagberg of the Thunder Bay Hill City Kinsmen were chosen from all the RBC professionals in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and NW Ontario.  

Kelly is an Investment and Retirement Planner in Dryden, Ontario and Brent is a Mortgage Specialist in Thunder Bay.  “RBC has always been supportive of my work with the Dryden Kinettes.’ states Kelly.  “My Kin family has helped me set a tone for making volunteering and serving the community’s greatest needs something to celebrate.  To be honored by RBC for being someone who supports the community, really is a celebration of the values that Kin brings to my life.”

“Kin has helped me immensely in my career from being able to take on roles and tasks within so many different projects” explains Brett.  “Kin has helped me build confidence, especially in public speaking.  I am so proud to receive this award.’”

The award came with a $500 donation to the registered charity of their choice for both Kelly and Brent.

Congratulations to you both, District 2 is very fortunate to have you representing us.

In 2016/17 the 44 clubs that make up District 2 (Manitoba and NW Ontario) raised a combined $1,027,143 and volunteered 30,293 hours for their communities. All the clubs in District 2 strive to serve their community’s greatest needs.

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