Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo a province wide benefit!!

This summer, the Winnipeg Kinsmen Club who run the Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo, held a special Canada Day draw for $150,000. This got the attention of the other Kin Clubs throughout the province who used their social media to share and sell out the event.

“Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo has been on the air weekly since 1971 and the money raised has not only an impact in Winnipeg, but helping all of the communities throughout Manitoba” proudly explains Raj Phangureh.”‘The Winnipeg Kinsmen are very proud of our work in the community and we look forward to continue to support Kin Canada and Manitoba clubs.”

In 2016/17, the jackpot bingo generated over $250,000 to be donated back into the community. Besides Winnipeg, there are 22 Kin Clubs in Manitoba residing in communities that sell Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo cards. The bingo has worked closely with those 22 Kin communities to donate over $650,000 in the past 10 years to local parks, community centres, and other causes. Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo has also supported many province-wide causes, donating over a million dollars each to both Cystic Fibrosis Canada and Special Olympics Manitoba since going on the air in 1971.

In the Winnipeg area, the bingo has funded many large projects over the years. Complete funding has been provided for entire buildings like the Kinsmen Reh-Fit Centre, Winnipeg Harvest’s first distribution center, The Discovery Center at the Zoo, and the Children’s Museum at the forks to name a few. Most recently, a million dollars was donated to renovate and save the (Kinsmen) Sherbrook Pool from being torn down.

Here in District 2 (Manitoba and Northwest Ontario), the numbers for the 44 clubs were equally as impressive.  30,293.25 hours were volunteered and $1,027,143.00 raised by the clubs.   

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