Kin Clubs coming together for Longtime Kin

In June, news had been released that Oakbank/Springfield Kinsmen member, Doug Crabbe, will need a double lung transplant.   With the surgery occurring in Edmonton, this will place an obvious financial burden on the family in their support of Doug. Kin Clubs from across the province have answered the call to help.

“Doug has been the go-to member in our club for a long time,” states event organizer and fellow Kinsmen, Wayne Lambert. “Doug has served in every position on the executive and been the driving force behind the majority of our projects.  Doug embodies everything Kinsmen stands for and truly serves our community’s greatest needs in everything he does.”

His home club, the Oakbank/Springfield Kinsmen, had the idea to holding the event “Toast and Roast with Crabby” on August 19th, 2017.   Kin Canada District 2  Zone 2 Deputy Governor, Art O’Donnell, was present at this meeting and when he took the information back to his club, the All-Saints Kinsmen (Winnipeg). The All-Saints Kinsmen stepped up and offered to bring their large community BBQ and the volunteers needed out to Oakbank on the 19th to run the event and to show their support.

“I know what Kin means and what we do for anyone who needs it and, in this case, we get to help one of our own,” states Deputy Governor Art O’Donnell. “Please consider this event to help make life a bit easier and the worries a little less for Doug and his family.”

Tickets are available for $25 from members of the Oakbank/Springfield Kinsmen or you can also purchase tickets or donate to the cause at The event will run 6:30 to 9:00 p.m., August 19th, 2017, at the Oak Bank arena in Oak Bank, Manitoba.


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