Swan River Kinsmen have another successful Rodeo

For 50 years, the Swan River Kinsmen have been serving the community’s greatest needs, and one of the major fundraisers for them has been their concession booth during the Swan River Rodeo. Over the 3 days of the Rodeo, the club will spend 400 man hours preparing and serving a lot of hamburgers and other culinary delights.

“The Rodeo event is one of the main events on our Kinsmen calendar as far as fundraising goes. The Northwest Roundup and Exhibition in and of itself is a major event on the community calendar getting local people out and bringing in a lot of visitors to Swan River and the surrounding area. It is a large event with a lot of planning and organizing and it is good to see that it is well attended on an annual basis” explains Swan River Kinsmen President Kevin Carter.

“The food booth brings in an approximate $25,000 in gross revenue for the club which gives us a good boost to our fundraising efforts. It makes for a busy weekend with a couple of days of preparing the booth for action, 4 days of sales and a couple of days of cleanup following, but it is worth the effort for what it brings to the club. We have a good group of guys and although it is quite busy at times during the weekend, the work gets done and there are plenty of stories to tell each year.”

After bills are paid, they raise roughly $15,000 that go towards serving the community’s greatest needs. In Swan River, that means local scholarships, a new waterslide at the pool, a nursery school and a Children’s Medical Trust fund to help families needing to travel for medical.

District Governor Dave Roberts made the trip to Swan River to help out and was overwhelmed with the amount of work the club was able to do. “It was a tremendous opportunity to meet some of the guys from the Swan River Kinsmen Club. They showed a huge commitment to run this concession” states Roberts. “It was very easy to see that this club is respected and supported by their community.”

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