Kin looking for University students!


In 2008, Kin Canada welcomed a Campus Club at the University of New Brunswick.   Campus clubs are formed to offer students the opportunity to join a team of volunteers and gives them the opportunity to give back to their local community. It also allows them to develop entrepreneurial skills, find out what it takes to run a successful club, learn what it takes to be part of an executive team, plan events and fundraisers, network with community leaders, make personal and business connections with Kin members from different industries across Canada.

Campus Clubs have since been formed at the Universities of Regina, Saskatchewan (Saskatoon), Calgary, Alberta (Edmonton), Ottawa and Mount St Vincent (Halifax).

‘Campus Clubs allow for districts to tap into the younger age categories and to expand our national branding. Campus clubs not only give post-secondary students an outlet to do volunteer work for personal and career related reasons but they also can create a pipeline of members moving from campus clubs to other clubs within the association,’ states Marley Hanishewsky, a member of The University of Regina Kin Club. ‘Our Campus club program offered me personally a place to find friends in a new city, personal development through public speaking and a Canada-wide network of members already in their professional careers. Without my Campus club, The University of Regina Campus Kin Club, my years spent in university would have been exponentially less enjoyable. If Campus clubs are properly taken care of and have a number of invested members helping with the club, members will want to stay in our association and will fuel other clubs in the future.’

The 44 clubs that make up District 2 (Manitoba and NW Ontario) are looking to form campus clubs right here at home.  With the Universities of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Brandon and Lakehead (Thunder Bay) all having large on campus student bodies, the opportunity to form a campus club is right.  These clubs, while hosted at a particular school, are open to all post-secondary students within the geographic area.

‘I would love to see a Campus Club in our District. We are always on the lookout for new clubs and new members. The enthusiasm and energy that a Campus Club would bring to D2 would be a huge boost for our members’ explains district governor Dave Roberts, ‘ In return we would offer experience, networking and connections.’

If you are or know of a post-student at or near one of these campuses that would be looking for the opportunity to join Kin Canada and the formation of a new Campus Club, please have them contact their local Kin club and we will provide them with a contact for their school.

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