Dryden Kinsmen help raise funds for arena upgrades

On Wednesday, July 26th Dryden welcomed home Chris and Sean Pronger and Bruce Ramsay.  The event was hosted by long time hockey coach and school official Jack McMaster. The Dryden Kinsmen ran the bar and pitched in where they could as the community looks to raise money for much needed upgrades to Memorial Arena so that more kids can play and dream of being the next big star from Dryden. The events of the day raised in excess of $40,000 and the Kinsmen are very happy to have played a role in a great community event.  The club wants to thank Kelly Sobering and Theresa Waites of the Dryden Kinettes for coming out and lending a hand.


Carman Fair Food Booth a success again!!

The Carmen Kinsmen and Kinettes opened their annual food booth during the Carmen Country Fair again this year and once again were able to raise money that will go to serving their community’s greatest needs. The fair ran from July 13 – 15, and the club worked shift all 3 days starting at 11 a.m each day and ending between 10 pm and 2 am depending on the fairs activities that day.  ‘Our volunteers for this project include a lot of people throughout town, individuals that volunteer for this event year after year and we were so proud to have the ladies of the Stonewall Kinettes join us this year.’ states Carmen Kinette Mayghan McEachern. ‘We really appreciate the community support to make this project Read More


Kinsmen building more affordable homes in St. Vital

Reprinted with the permission of Canstar Community News By: Simon Fuller Posted: 06/19/2017 The latest addition to a local affordable housing complex is nearing completion. Chesterfield Housing Inc., a non-profit volunteer-driven division of the St. Vital-based Kinsmen Club of All Saints, is three months away from opening a brand-new 45-suite affordable housing unit that will be called Kinsmen Place, which is located adjacent to the organization’s other three buildings at 30 Chesterfield Ave. in St. Vital. SUPPLIED PHOTO The new 45-suite affordable housing unit is located adjacent to the organization’s other three buildings at 30 Chesterfield Ave. in St. Vital. The affordable housing units are aimed at individuals aged 55 and over who might be on a fixed income. A percentage of the apartments at Read More


Over $20,000 in Kin Bursaries awarded in 2017

In 1984, Kin Canada created the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund (HREF) to award bursaries to students from coast-to-coast.  Founder Hal believed in education and served on the Forest Hill Board of Directors.   The HREF is funded by clubs making donations each year and the number of $1,000 bursaries awarded each year are determined by the amount donated. Each year in February, every club in Canada is encouraged to collect applications from students going into or returning to study at a recognized university, community college, technical institute and other schools for advanced education. Each club can submit one applicant to the HREF board (2 if they receive more than 20 applications) for consideration.  In 2017, 52 bursaries were awarded and 5 of those were from District Read More


Take a Kin Summer Trip!!

Typically, Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs take the summer months off to spend time with their families and recuperate. But that doesn’t always mean that they can’t be found when you are on your summer vacation. Some clubs have large projects that do occur in the summer months and others have contributed to community facilities that are best enjoyed with the warmer weather. The clubs of District 2 (Manitoba and Northwest Ontario) encourage you to visit their communities and take in the many events and facilities that we have contributed to. Events: July 9.              PASCAR Race (Brandon Kinsmen)               Souris, MB July 13            Paint Party(Stonewall Kinettes)     Read More