Kin keepsakes have raised thousands for causes!!

On June 1st, District 2 Kinsmen, Kinettes and Kin Club members will gather in The Pas for our annual convention. There will be plenty to celebrate and look forward to but one Kinsmen member has used the annual Convention and the Fall Leadership Conference in October of each year to help raise even more money for great causes.

Scott McEwan, of the Vermillion Bay Kinsmen, started making hand carved signs in 2009 and they became a popular, must-have item that every club wanted. Since that time, Scott has brought 3-4 signs to each Convention and FLC to put up for auction and the funds raised going to a cause of his choosing.

The last meeting at Fall Leadership Conference held in his hometown of Vermilion Bay, ON during October. The plaques auctioned off for a total of $1650 with The Pas Kinsmen and Ste Rose Kinsmen going home with 2 of them and Deputy Governor Art O’Donnell from Winnipeg took home the third. The money was donated to a fund started by the Stonewall Kinettes to help a young family dealing with medical issues.

Thank You Scott for your hundreds, if not thousands, of hours spent on such masterpieces, we look forward to seeing what you have in The Pas. Scott is keeping it top secret but a source close to him says “The plaques Scott has for District Convention in The Pas are beautiful, incredibly well done, and will cause bidding wars!”

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