Winnipeg Kinsmen help reopen Sherbrook Pool

The Sherbrook Pool in Winnipeg was closed in November 2012 due to extensive structural concerns. Around the same time, the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg was looking for a project that would have a massive impact in an area of great need. In consultation with the mayor of Winnipeg, the Sherbrook Pool was identified as a need in the city’s West End. The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg offered to contribute $1 million to the refurbishment of the pool.

Early on, it was identified by the Club that in addition to the structural repairs, the pool should be renovated to ensure that it was something that the Club could be proud of having supported. In particular, the change rooms were identified as areas that needed to be approved upon while still maintaining the historical significance of the pool. The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg worked closely with the City of Winnipeg and its partners to fully realize the vision.

On January 9, 2017, after many years of work, the pool was officially opened by the Honourable Cathy Cox, Minister for Sustainable Development, Chris Preston, President Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg and Mayor Brian Bowman.

In attendance from the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg was Ken Cooke, Kevin Sauteur, Chris Preston, Guy Madill and Raj Phangureh. Missing, Ryan Stefanko, Scott Blundell, Tim McKay, Trevor Smith, Darren Carey, Rae Taylor, Eugene Waskiw, Colin Edwards, Troy Lesuk and Dwight Trudeau.

The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg spent many years working with the City of Winnipeg to complete this project and many more years fundraising to fill this need through projects such as Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo and car raffles.


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